1 Big Thing to Get Control of Your Life

This might be my shortest blog ever. Why? Because this next step in time management is simple but oh-so-important.

This is the 3rd is a series of 10 steps to become better organized.

If you have been following this series, you know that I have been explaining how to simplify your life, reduce stress, and find fulfillment by mastering time management skills.

In the last post of this series, I went over 4 Satisfying Steps to Simplify Your Day. It highlighted the benefit of having and using a daily to-do list. In short, part of this process was keeping a calendar to keep track of what daily items you complete.

Why is this important? Once again, the principle of transparency applies. And this is where Microsoft Outlook is my savior.

After living through a hectic week of to-do’s, I will arrive at Friday wondering what I accomplished. By looking back at my carefully kept calendar, I can see everything that I did. Now the calendar has become my Time Log.

Much like Captain Kirk’s captain’s log, my Time Log (Outlook in my case) helps me look back on my daily adventures. Many times, I have gone where no one has gone before. Or it simply keeps me from being lost in space and time, wondering what I did all week.

Captain Kirk kept a time log to record his adventures. Do you?

My team members might feel the same way. How can you help? Transparency! Share calendars! Celebrate your successes! Remind your boss/team of goals/projects you launched and finished in the week. It is a good time to do this during one-on-one or team meetings.

It makes me feel wonderful when I look back on my calendar at the end of the week. I can see what worked and didn’t work. I can measure my time to see whether I am being realistic. I can make better projections for how long it takes to actually accomplish projects and tasks. I can regale all that I accomplished. My time log (calendar) gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

Heck! My current calendar goes back for years. Whenever I want to put my life into perspective, I will meander through the past. You should do the same. You will be surprised how many achievements and milestones you may have forgotten.

(This blog series begins with 5 Mental Techniques to Master Time Management. And for more on my personal heroes, productivity tips, and articles on leadership visit 15 Minutes Per Day.)


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