Oprah, Martha and Steve: They Figured it Out.

Sometimes I spend my 15 minutes on deep thought. One such bout of musing occurred after signing over $6,000 dollars in taxes to the County, State and Federal government, I sat in a sober stupor. How in the world could I generate more tax write-offs? I mean, I’m honest people. I  pay all of my taxes. I file early and have never missed the April 15th deadline.

And then Oprah hit me. This is a master in business who takes everything she likes about life and wraps it up into her ever-expanding brand. She likes Rachel Ray’s food. Fine. Invite her on the show. Pay all of Rachel’s expenses. Get to eat Rachel’s food all day long. Tax write-off. Oprah needs to redecorate one of her homes. Make a show out of it. Tax write-off. Oprah and Gayle want to see America. Make a show about it. Write-off. Oprah and Gayle like to gossip and talk. Make a radio show. Now, I assume, every dinner date is research for the show. Write-off.

Thousands of people in this country are building up write-offs doing what they love to do

Rick Steves loves to travel! Let’s make a show of it and write it all off!

And Oprah’s not the only one. Martha Stewart. Same thing. She likes to live. So she writes a magazine called Living. Everything she does while alive—write-off! Bobby Brown’s life sucks. People are willing to watch. Reality TV show. Write-off. Rick Steves (the PBS guy) loves to write about his travels. He and two of his buddies armed with cameras and microphones tour every country in Europe. Write-off.

Thousands of people in this country are building up write-offs doing what they love to do, be it talking, designing, eating, cooking, decorating, fishing, hiking, skiing, gossiping, being fit, being rich, being a psychologist, not being that into you—just declare yourself an expert and ta-da! And anything they do that costs money while perfecting their genre of expertise is a business expense.

My turn.

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[The information contained in this blog is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended nor should it be used as a substitute for tax, audit, accounting, investment, consulting or other professional advice.]

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