The Golden State Warriors Needed 12 Minutes to Succeed

I promote the 15 Minutes Per Day method to get things done. Discover the joy of daily achievement that can lead to long-term success!

The Golden State Warriors performed a miracle in Game 6 of the NBA Conference Finals against Oklahoma City on May 29, 2016. Though they trailed behind for the first three quarters, it only took them the 4th quarter (12 minutes) to upset the game and make many of us believers that teamwork and training can have big pay outs. Just 3 minutes shy of my magic number -15.

Is there something to the number 15?15minPERday logo

Thanks to TED talks, many people might say that many of us have no more than an 18 minute attention span. As usual, I am less than normal. Hopefully, some of you will empathize when I say my attention span for any one topic is around 15 minutes. 9 seems to be the sweet spot.

(This doesn’t include television or movies, of course. That takes 0.00001% brain energy according to leading experts [a.k.a. my mom].) The 15 minutes per day I am referring to is the chunks of time that I spread throughout my day to focus on learning and self-improvement.

Last year, I challenged myself to give something a try: take all of my learning and keep it to around 15 minute chunks, preferably less. I did this in my personal endeavors; reading books, practicing Spanish, self-improvement, online research, reflection. I started to deliberately break down larger tasks into smaller ones of no more than 15 minutes and apportion them throughout the day. Learning snacks.

I even did this with my daily exercise routine. 15 minutes of warm-up, followed by 15 minutes of intense focus, closing out with a 15 minute stretch.

At work, I continually endeavor to destroy the one hour meeting. “If at all possible, can we wrap this up in 15 minutes?” I will ask. If I know the topic ahead of time, I can usually bring my research to the meeting. (Try to convince Baby Boomer’s of this, though. Ack! I would need 22 15-minute chunks to do that. Maybe more.) If a longer meeting is needed, I will push for an agenda where the subject changes every 10-15 minutes. Anything longer can be taken offline to assign to a larger project.

And projects. I love breaking them down into bite-sized chunks called tasks. I like creating a list of all the tasks involved in a particular project. When I  can break these tasks into less than 15 minutes chunks…Mmmmm, that’s equal to having a plate of red, juicy strawberries graced with dabs of peanut butter sitting next to me all day. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Little bites of high protein perfection.

I enjoy inspiring, motivating, and helpful tidbits of easily digestible information that I can put into immediate practice in my professional and personal life. I will share these with you. Hopefully, they lead to bite-sized achievements that lead to long-term success. As a talent development professional, I will have tricks of the trade to help make your training engaging and fun. (I love gamification!) Finally, I will put you in contact with some of the best and brightest talent in the industry that help us keep polished and up-to-date.

When you start employing these tips, I fully expect you to have some upset wins like the Golden State Warriors.

–Enjoy! YUM!


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